Taylor Swift Style

Taylor Swift is the ultimate girly-girl and her style certainly reflects that. The singer-songwriter’s signature look involves bangs, smoldering red lipstick and feminine dresses by designers like Kate Spade, Monique Lhuillier and Rebecca Taylor. Favoring outfits that are preppy and ladylike, Taylor wears clothes that complement her statuesque figure and shows her playful side with bright pops of color. Her collection with Keds perfectly captures her casual yet whimsical sartorial leanings.
Her style has broadened to include darker tones and chic monochromatic outfits, injecting a little more edge but staying true to her personality. Taylor also has an impressive way of transitioning from the gym to running errands, as she always looks put together post-workout. In winter, you might catch her wearing leggings, button-down shirt, oxford shoes, cold-weather hat and an adorable checked coat. During the warmer months, expect her summer uniform to include high waisted shorts, mini skirts and peter pan collared dresses. With her confidence, introspective nature and gal pal approachability, Taylor Swift inspires women of all ages to live their lives and look great while doing so!
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